Above: Artist and Donor, Stella Arvanetaki, Executive Director, The Late Regina Vorce and Board President, Bernie Hampsey

Facilities, Programs & Activities

The mission of the Jaffrey Civic Center is to provide a venue for artistic, educational and cultural endeavors. The goal of the Center is to contribute to the cultural enrichment and enlightenment of the community. The building and grounds of the Civic Center are available for a wide variety of programs, activities, and events throughout the year.

The first floor of the Jaffrey Civic Center houses an Auditorium Gallery, which seats a hundred people and is used for both meetings and as an artistic gallery space.

The first floor also includes office space, a conference room, and a library containing an excellent collection of books specializing in Americana, art, gardening, and natural history. The library is open to the public for in-house browsing and research.

The Jaffrey Civic Center galleries, classroom and conference spaces are handicapped-accessible. A ramp off of the back parking lot is available for individuals unable to climb stairs, as is a lift that runs between the first and second floors. The basement, which houses the Jaffrey Historical Society, is not currently handicapped-accessible.

The Auditorium Gallery


Dispay Case Gallery

The Civic Center has a set of five cases on the first floor that are used to display local art and artifacts.


The Second Floor Cunningham Gallery



The second floor holds the Cunningham Gallery where exhibits are shown throughout the year, as well as a large studio used for classes and programs.

The Jaffrey Historical Society



In the basement the Jaffrey Historical Society has display rooms featuring collections of a variety of antique tools, shop and tavern signs, furniture, account books, letters and other manuscript material.

The Lawn



During the summer months the expansive lawn makes a perfect site for outdoor arts and crafts shows along with a variety of performances.

On-going displays and shows are held at the Center. Classes in both the visual and performing arts are offered. The auditorium is used for meetings by a diverse group of civic and cultural organizations throughout the year. A few of the frequent users of the facility are the Historical Society, the Chamber of Commerce, Team Jaffrey, Monadnock Conservancy, Monadnock at Home, Shelter from the Storm and the Boy Scouts

Mrs. Johnson, Founder of the Civic Center


Mrs. Johnson was a native of Jaffrey and a graduate of Conant High School and the Keene Normal School. The wife of Stephen Roosevelt Johnson and, mother of five sons, she taught school in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Upon her retirement she returned to Jaffrey with a vision for an “open center for activities of a cultural and historical nature.”

She then founded and financed the Jaffrey-Gilmore Foundation whose main purpose was to “provide a community center for educational and artistic purposes.”

The beautiful large brick building at 40 Main Street was designed by architect John Bradford Abbott and opened its doors to the community in 1966.

Thanks to her foresight, the Civic Center has, for over 50 years, been a focal point of cultural activity for the Monadnock Region.



Board of Trustees

President: David Belletete
Vice President: Bernie Hampsey
Treasurer: Gerrit Bradley
Secretary: Lyn Frederick
Board Members:

Chris Reid





Maureen Ahern
Karen Ayers
David Belletete
Bonnie Bennett
Gerrit Bradley
Jed and Linda Brummer
Paul Cooper
Thomas Doane
Carolyn Edwards
Lyn Frederick
Bernard Hampsey
Daisy Hawlk
Caroline Hollister
Owen Houghton
Ann-Marie LaBollita
David Lang
Joe Manning
Bob Marrone
Charles Palmer
Amy Pfeil
Chris Reid
Ann Sawyer
Harvey and Lee Sawyer
Betsy Trimble
Peggy Ueda
Louise Watson
Kathy Weibel
Benjamin Wheeler
Kathy Williamson


Executive Director: Maryann LaCroix Lindberg


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