The Jaffrey Civic Center is the recipient of 2 recently awarded grants from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. An Organizational Sustainability grant in the amount of $4000 was awarded to the center in late December. The funds from the grant will cover new hardware for the office and donor software used for fund raising. The second grant in the amount of $5000 was awarded in mid-January on the recommendation of the Putnam Foundation. The funds from the second grant will be used toward the Civic Center’s, “Give us a Lift” campaign, which is raising funds to install a lift to the second floor of the Civic Center. Including the recent grant, the Civic Center has raised approximately $14,000 in donations to its existing lift fund in the past year.  The overall cost of the lift project in anticipated to cost about $90,000.

About the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation is New Hampshire’s statewide community foundation, founded in 1962 by and for the people of New Hampshire. The Foundation manages a growing collection of more than 1,800 funds created by generous individuals, families and businesses, and awards nearly $40 million in grants and scholarships every year. The Foundation works with generous and visionary citizens to maximize the power of their giving, supports great work happening in our communities and leads and collaborates on high-impact initiatives. For more information, please visit or call 603-225-6641.


The Jaffrey Civic Center, is located at 40 Main Street, Jaffrey, New Hampshire, parking in rear.  We are a designated 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to art, education and civic activities. Hours are Monday through Friday, 10 am- 12 noon, 1to 5 pm and Sat 10-2. Admission is always free. For more information about us, call 603-532-6527, e-mail us at Find our website,, or “Like” us on Facebook.