Current Exhibitions

Annual Spring Show

Various Artists

It’s springtime at the Jaffrey Civic Center; we are thrilled to announce that our 2024 art season is kicking off! The first in this year’s series of events will be the annual spring art show. This popular event draws dozens of artists from throughout the region. This year’s show features painters, photographers, pastel artist sculptures, and mixed media artists. The show boasts more than 80 works of art in a variety of styles with varying subjects.

The following artists have submitted works: Danielle M. Le Bris, Gill Truslow, Edward J. Merrell, Den Poitras, Elizabeth Dinowitz , Lucille Heikkila, Susan Roston, Ann Falby, Cathy Cox, Kris Stewart, William C Turner, Susan K Barker, Alexander Pope, Joanna Draugsvold, Linda Greenwood, Carole Gourvellec, Scott Niemi, Donna Eaton, Mary Bradley, Peggy Van Valkenburgh, Brandie Sweetland , Jay Mercado, Lornie Rawls, Anne Ward, Mary Wood Cornog, Jonathan Niemi, Heather Ames, Susan Garry, Karen Fortier, Judy Unger-Clark, Julie Gargan, Lee Stanton Sawyer, Mary “Polly” Pierce, Andrew Niemi, Phil Bean, Nancy C Christopher, Bruce Boyer, Maureen Ahern, Cheryl Aldrich, and Jill C Fischman.

Family Time

Greg Hunsaker

Greg Hunsaker started his artistic career in a less than conventional way. Growing up, he had dyslexia which led to troubles in school. But because of this hardship with standardized learning, he was able to be propelled into the arts, especially by an art teacher in his middle school. This teacher saw his talent and continued to push him to learn how to draw, how to control and hold a pencil, which began his art journey. He would take photographs to experiment with, which he would then sketch from, which would inspire his paintings. Greg has a love for competition, it helps his creative process be constantly pushed. His love for constant growth also carries into his love for conversation; he sees his art as a way to spark interest in others, which creates conversations, that creates opinion and criticism which continues to spark growth within him as an artist.

Greg was born and raised in Salt Lake, Nevada, and moved to the Peterborough area 6 years ago. Most of the photos are from that area because that is where he and his wife lived while raising their 4 children. This show will depict his “Family Time’ as he traveled West to East across the United States of America. It shows areas of the US that are incredibly rare to have access to now or are inaccessible now to the public. This parallels with how rare and precious Greg sees his time with his family.