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“Gallery Sitka™ Spring Show — Abstracted Spring, Hosted by the Jaffrey Civic Center” 

The Jaffrey Civic Center is thrilled to present the Gallery Sitka Spring Show — “Abstracted Spring”. The exhibit will feature works of fifteen Gallery Sitka artists: Dug Morton, Beth Barry, Lawrence Libby, Colette Aline Shumate Smith, Susan Wadsworth, Daniel Senie, Zen Saito, Jeanne Borofsky, Dawn Haley Morton, Kate Shaffer, Ruth LaGue, Chester & Stephanie Hooper, Angelique Luro and Ylenia Mino. More information on each artist can be found at the Gallery Sitka website:

Gallery Sitka™ opened in May 2014 and is currently located in Phoenix Park Mill in Shirley, MA. The Gallery’s Missions is to support the arts, to be part of the creative economy and provide a space for emerging artists to be seen and to have the experience of showing their work in a gallery-style atmosphere.

Gallery Sitka’s style is in line with a quote from one of their favorite artists, Ilse Buchert Nesbitt, that “art should uplift”. To that end, the work is this show is meant to enhance and beautify spaces — the focus on contemporary abstraction. Gallery Sitka encourages viewers to open their minds to how abstract art is easy on the eyes — a relief from the chaotic situations in human history, both current and past. Abstract art in this show, will offer viewers the ability to transfer into each work what they want to see.

The exhibit which features a variety of styles and mediums, though there will be a heavy focus on abstraction, will be on display and open to the public from March 27– May 8, during open Center hours, Wednesday- Friday 12-5 and Saturday 10-2.

Sitka Artists

Dug Morton-

Jeanne Borofsky-

Colette Aline Shumate-Smith-

Susan Wadsworth-

Daniel Senie-

Zen Saito-

Jeanne Borofsky-

Haley Morton-

Ruth Lague-

Kate Shaffer-


Beth Barry-

Chester Hooper-

Stephanie Hooper-

Amgelique Luro-


Susan Roston “Shimmerling”

Come to see the gorgeous works of glass in our display cases by Susan Roston. The show features both art glass works as well as a selection of pendants.

Samples from Past Exhibits:


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